Try to find your PC’s IP address – Windows 7 Make it possible for

Try to find your PC’s IP address – Windows 7 Make it possible for

Password Authentication Method. 1) Open PuTTY and go to the Session page. Enter the IP tackle of the swap in the Host Title area and keep the default benefit 22 in the Port discipline choose SSH as the Relationship sort. Click on Open up . Figure 3-8 Configurations in PuTTY. 2) Enter the login username and password to log in to the change, and you can carry on to configure the switch. Figure three-9 Log In to the Swap. The very first time you log in, transform the password to much better defend your network and devices. Key Authentication Method. 1) Open the PuTTY Key Generator.

In the Parameters section, pick the critical variety and enter the crucial size. In the Steps area, click on Make to create a community/private crucial pair. In the adhering to determine, an SSH-2 RSA essential pair is generated, and the duration of every single crucial is 1024 bits. Figure three-10 Produce a Community/Private Critical Pair. rn

  • The vital duration should be between 512 and 3072 bits. rn
  • You can accelerate the key era system by relocating the mouse quickly and randomly in the Vital section. 2) Immediately after the keys are properly created, click Help you save community important to conserve the general public vital to a TFTP server simply click Conserve personal critical to preserve the non-public vital to the host Personal computer. Figure 3-eleven Conserve the Generated Keys. 3) On Hyper Terminal, down load the community crucial file from the TFTP server to the switch as proven in the next determine:Figure three-twelve Download the General public Key to the Swap. rn
  • The critical form ought to accord with the kind of the critical file.

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    In the previously mentioned CLI, v1 corresponds to SSH-one (RSA), and v2 corresponds to SSH-two RSA and SSH-two DSA. rn

  • The key downloading course of action are not able to be interrupted. 4) Following the community critical is downloaded, open up PuTTY and go to the Session page. Enter the IP handle of the switch and pick out SSH as the Link type (keep the default price in the Port subject). Figure 3-13 Configure the Host Title and Connection Type. 5) Go to Link > SSH > Auth .

    Simply click Search to down load the non-public key file to PuTTY. Click on Open to start off the connection and negotiation. Figure three-14 Down load the Personal Critical to PuTTY. 6) Immediately after negotiation is completed, enter the username to log in. If you can log in without having entering the password, the critical authentication done productively. Figure 3-15 Log In to the Change. The initially time you log in, adjust the password to greater guard your network and gadgets. 3. 4 Disable Telnet login. You can shut down the Telnet functionality to block any Telnet obtain to the CLI interface. Go to Safety > Access Security > Telnet Config , disable the Telnet operate and simply click Implement. Figure 3-sixteen Disable Telnet login. 3. 5 Disable SSH login. You can shut down the SSH server to block any SSH obtain to the CLI interface. Go to Security > Accessibility Security > SSH Config, disable the SSH server and click on Apply. Figure three-17 Shut down SSH server. Switch(config)#no ip ssh server. 3. six Copy working-config startup-config. The switch’s configuration files fall into two kinds: the operating configuration file and the begin-up configuration file.

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