USB Rechargeable Bicycle Front Light

USB Rechargeable Bicycle Front Light

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  • Double function: bike headlight and flashlight.
  • Bright: 950 lumens and its largest distance can reach 230m.
  • IPX-6 waterproof.
  • Aluminium material, so this bicycle headlight is shatter-resistant.
  • Anti wear. III class hard oxidation treatment.
  • Security design. Overheat protection and anti-reverse connection design to prolongs its service life.
  • Small size to carry around.
  • Low power reminding design and side red caution light.
  • Anti-dust cap to protect the USB interface.
  • Easy to operate.

Small and powerful,full-features

Mini light off-road flashlight

LX210 is a model of ultra-bright LED mini bicycle front light and EDC torch. The torch weights only 76.4g, the length is about 9.63cm, diameter of the barrel is about 2.54cm, the lamp diameter is about 3.3cm, it can be installed in the position of handlebar. Compared with the similar level bike lights, LX210 saves the handlebar space and doesn’t add too many weight, it adopts aviation aluminum alloy material, Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive treatment. Small and exquisite, large and symmetrical floodlight illumination meet the lighting need of cycling, outdoors and home use, as well as the search and rescue.



CREE XM-L2 U3 Cold white light LED introduce, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours.

And Samsung 2600 mA lithium battery,950 lumens,230m range

CREE XM-L2 U3 Cold white light LED introduce


Bike light & torch double modes

Default mode is bike light mode,long press the button 0.5 seconds for power on or off.

In any case,long press the button 0.5 seconds into the torch mode,single click to

switch the gears,long press 5 seconds to turn back to bike light mode.

In any case,long press 2 seconds to the strobe mode,single click to return to the previous mode.

In any case,double click the switch,the side red light turns on.Double click to turn off.


Independent side light control & low power warning

Easy operation, switch/ shift or change mode finish in one button. Double side red light warning: in any case, double click the switch to turn on the side red light, increase the night warning and cycling security at night, double click to turn off the red light.Slow flash of the button display when power is between 10%-20%, quick flash when power is less than 10% and reminds the users to recharge the battery in case of over-discharging.360° rotatable light mount for a better cycling experience.


Gear intelligent memory&IPX-6 Waterproof

Last time when using the brightness of the lighting model gear automatic memory,but not memory mode,every time they open to lighting patterns begin to work.

Resistant to heavy rain or strong water splash
※ Make sure that the the USB plug is closed



Surface Process

The flashlight the shell adopts aviation aluminum manufacturing, the surface level 3 hard anodic oxidation of anti-wear, scratch-resistant flowers,On the surface of the paint is not easy to fall, strong adhesion, lens use toughened glass material, its intensity rises than common glass multiple, bending strength is common glass 3 ~ 5 times, impact strength is common glass 5 to 10 times, increase strength while also improves security, even small shards of toughened glass damage has no acute Angle, dramatically reduced the harm of human body, resistance to thermal shock properties; There are 2 ~ 3 times than common glass, generally bear the difference in temperature of 150 lc above changes.


USB charge Constant current circuit

Quick USB charging, digitally regulated output-maintains constant brightness. Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation. Overcharge, over-discharge protection to protect battery damage or reduced life. Overheat protection settings to prevent the shell temperature affect the use of comfort.

Weight267 g
Dimensions16.4 x 10.2 x 5.7 cm




Item type


Max Lumen


Max Range




Net weight(g)

76.4g(exclusive battery)

Power Remind


Charge Time (h)

3.5 hours(18650 Li-on battery capacities 2600mA)

Power Plug Type


Mounting Bracket

Handlebar mount

Light Modes

1. Bicyclelight Modes: High Light(950Lm), Meddle Light(400Lm), Low Light(180Lm), Flash(90Lm) and Red Flash(1Lm)

2. Flashlight Modes:Bright(950Lm), HighLight(450Lm), Meddle Light(150Lm), Low Light(50Lm), Strobe(950Lm) and Red Flash(1Lm)

Running Time

1. Bicyclelight ModesHigh Light 1.5 hours, Meddle Light 3 hours, Low Light 7 hours and Flash 32 hours

2. Flashlight Modes:Bright 1.5 hours High Light 2.8 hours, Meddle Light 8 hours, Low Light 240 hours and Strobe 1.5 hours


lampholder,rope,18650 Li-on battry and USB cable each one


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