Pneumatic Double Layer Bike Helmet with Goggles

Pneumatic Double Layer Bike Helmet with Goggles

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  • PC material outside and internal EPS material ensure its sturdiness.
  • Double layer design makes this integrated bike helmet for sale can protect you from strong impact.
  • Back of head is fully surrounded, so it enhances your security.
  • Insect resistant net can prevent small insects and other foreign subjects directly touching your head.
  • 24 ventilation holes can reduce wind resistance and increase your speed. Moreover, you will feel cooler.
  • Removable goggles uses anti-fogging design, so you can enjoy a safe riding.
  • Detachable breathable lining can keep the bike helmet clean.
  • 360 degrees head circumference rotation adjustment makes you adjust it freely to fit.
  • 57-62cm head circumference suitable.


All-round Protection Helmet, Safer when riding


Helmet is a protective gear used to protect the head , mainly composed by shell, lining and suspension device to resist the shrapnel and other injury caused by striking heads. INBIKE helmet IH709 is combined of double-deck high-density EPS , the impact resistance is stronger; removable lining, comfortable and breathable, mainly easy to clean; production process is integrally-molded ; close insect resistant net design to prevent dangerous goods directly touching with the head, Head circumference adjustment system, adjust freely.


The integrally-molded design improves the impact protection of helmet


Fine insect resistant net: different with the design of traditional lined mesh, we use high-strength nylon directly connected to the external PC material, the mesh is more fine and have a certain distance from the scalp, commendable to avoid the small insects fly into the head, also to prevent problems caused by the danger things falling into the helmet interior .

Removable goggles:Wear a goggles in order to avoid danger caused by foreign body into the eyes in fast riding, reasonable eye spacing can also match myopic glasses, also take trouble of myopic riders into account.

Lens anti-fuzzy design: exposed nose half-cover design can not blur lenses because of exhaled gas , improve the safety of riding.

Double protection


External high- strength PC shell:Toughness, high strength, also has a beautiful feature.


Internal EPS material: High-density EPS, ultra-light weight,have a certain ductility by ordinary impact. It is not easy to break, but also play the role of anti-earthquake. The inner shell has large usage area, scatters power of impact, effectively protect riders’ safety.

Taking into account that the aerodynamic design is simply for the fast, and can not ignore the safety, adding double impact material together, which means that the impact resistance of this helmet is 2 times of ordinary types.

Helmet Tail


All-round protection: it adds the design of the back of head surrounded by stretching which make ride safer , while usually surrounded by a half siege.

360° head circumference adjustment: adjust freely according to different sizes of head type, simple and convenient.

( suitable for head circumference of 57-62cm, head style about 18cm, male and female are applicable)

Hang adjustment system


Quickly removable clasp, easier to wear


Quick adjustment, open and close fastener make it faster

24 ventilation holes, reduce the wind resistance

Keep the head air circulation,reduce wind resistance, riding more quickly.

A schematic diagram of the top and back of the head( as following)


guide the wind from the front to back


guide the wind from the back to external

Removable lining


removable honeycomb mesh cloth


removable chin protective pad


Removable head protective pad

2 wearing ways


style without lens


style with lens

Installation methods of removable lens


Firstly, there is a elastic gel pad(stretchable) when take out the glasses


You can see a hole inside the helmet when the gel pad was embed from the external hole.


Finally, insert the dot of gel pad into the inner hole of the helmet( the same way for the other side)


Model Number



about 300g( including goggles)



, , ,



Air vents


Head circumference


Age Group

(Adults) Men


Integrally-molded Helmet

Item size


Package size

30cm x 25cm x 10cm
(11.81in x 9.84in x 3.94in)

Package weight

0.4kg (0.88lb.)


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