Mini High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Bike Pump

Mini High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Bike Pump

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  • Hidden hose design makes this bike pump for sale is easy to accommodate, at the same time, it can also protect trachea and valve.
  • Aluminum alloy body prolongs its service life and increases its sturdiness.
  • It is light and small size makes it easy to carry with.
  • This high pressure mini bicycle pump can reach 110PSI.
  • Compatible with Presta and Schrader valves;
  • Rubber waterproof, dust-proof cover.
MP322-0- (2)

INBIKE MP322 Portable high-pressure pump with aluminum alloy material, made by CNC machining,light, durable high-pressure, portable
Design hidden hose cleverly, storage in the tube to save space while protecting the gas and  nozzle. Gas zone with TPU material, can be used normally in the -30 ℃ -50 degrees;
Schrader / presta nozzle made by CNC machining, change the nozzle by adjusting the direction;
Rubber dustproof cover prevent rain and dust into the nozzle caused by clogging, to ensure the normal use of gas nozzle;

Length 222mm, weight 132.5g, pressure 110PSI. Application for road bike/mountain bike, equipped with fixed installment rack, more portable.

Hidden hose design

MP322-0- (4)

Can stored in tube when do not use, portable to gathering, save space and reduce abrasion. Air belt use TPU material with antifreeze and pressure-proof function. Can be used in the harsh environment. Rubber dust cover effectively prevent rain and dust into the gas nozzle to ensure that the gas nozzle can work properly and extend the service life

Schrader&presta nozzle

MP322-0- (5)

7075 aluminum alloy made by CNC machining with Presta & Schrader valves, precision aluminum structure ensure lasting use. The Presta only need to unscrew the exchange direction can be switched to the Schrader valves. easy and convenient. Threaded screw into the nozzle directly connected to the valve, increasing air tightness. Surface roller type processing technology, easy rotation

Rubber dust cover 

MP322-0- (3)

Rubber dust cover prevent dirt and corrosion from entering the valve and causing clogging. To ensure the normal use of the valve

Compact&high pressure

MP322-0- (6)

Length 222mm, weight 132.5g, pressure 110PSI. equipped with fixed installment rack,can be installed in different places, more portable





Mini pump



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Presta / Schrader







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