Inbike 5-Digit Combination Alloy Steel Chain Lock

Inbike 5-Digit Combination Alloy Steel Chain Lock

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  • Inbike 5-digit combination chain lock has 100 thousand possible combination, so it is extremely hard to open it without code.
  • This alloy steel chain lock is about 1m, so you can lock around frame and wheels. Thus it will not be lift away.
  • Heat treatment and 7mm thicken four-side chain make this lock anti-sawing.
  • Aluminum alloy lock cylinder is anti-violence opening. In addition, Nickel plating treatment prolongs the service life of lock cylinder.
  • Anti-wear cloth of this chain lock uses heat transfer printing technology, so it is not easy to fade, and you can find your bike easily thanks to the bright color.
  • Application: Motorbike, mountain bike, bicycle, electric bike and so on.
CL206-10 (1)

INBIKE CL206 5-digit password lock, use 7mm chain, process after heat treatment, with function of anti-sawing

Lock shell adopts the anti-friction PE material, environmental friendly, non toxic,fastness.

5-digit password with 10W permutation and combination, improve the safety factor.

Length: 0.8m,1m,1.5m. can lock bike, motor and any other objects.

CL206-10 (3)

Password wheel uses environmental friendly material ABS, high temperature resistant, smooth rotation without block.

Use PE, non-slip when using with the design of concave-convex curve.

Bigger and bold imprinted passwords, can not shed for long to find the digits quickly.


Increased lock, improve the safety factor


weight for 0.8m:0.942kg

weight for 1m:1.148kg

weight for 1.5m:1.7kg

CL206-10 (4)

Alloy lock cylinder and latch, anti-violence opening

Alloy lock cylinder and latch,nickel plated process,anti-oxidize, durable with longer service life.


Alloy steel bold chain ,anti-sawing

7mm bold alloy steel chine, heat and harden process,anti-sawing. Welding technique, pick-proof

CL206-10 (2)

Fashion, anti-friction, anti drying PE lock shell

The use of PE material, more anti-drying anti-wood anti-toxic than Nylon

The use of thermal transfer technology, lock shell do not fade.

CL206-11 (1)

1.The initial password is 00000 and the lock is in open state


2.Rotate it back 90 degrees clock wise to change password

CL206-11 (3)

3.You need  your password point to the position in red sircle like picture

CL206-11 (4)

4.After you set Password switch the cylinder lock anticlockwise

CL206-10 (5)

Application scene

1 m lock, large locking area , wide application , not only can lock the bike,  lock the E-bike,motorcycle and etc., you can also lock the car with fixed rod together to prevent the car was carried away, flexible and convenient.




Lock Style

Chain lock

Lock Type

Combination Lock



7*7mm four sided


, ,


939 g(0.8m)/1144 g (1.0m)1678g(1.5m)


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