High Security 5 Digit Combination Cable Bicycle Lock

High Security 5 Digit Combination Cable Bicycle Lock

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  • 5 digit combination password, so this cable bicycle lock is of high safety performance.
  • Bold cable and long lock body.
  • High quality mounting bracket.
  • Zinc ally lock pin to avoid violent opening.
  • This long bike cable lock uses eco-friendly material, which is aging resistance.
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  • INBIKE keyless secure lock mechanism – Re-settable 5 digits combination locking mechanisms.The original code is 00000.Great keyless convenience with upto 100,000 combination,easy to change code system
  • secure &easy to use – Thick, tough, and flexible 12mm woven steel cable is difficult to cut
  • mounting bracket – The mounting bracket can be attached to a seat post or any other cylindrical surface, and once you are done using the lock, you can mount it on the bracke
  • Diameter: 6′ (1.80m) long x 0.47″ (12mm).Long and thick enough for your use

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Flexible cable

The diameter of 4.5 mm steel wire braided composite cable made of toughness, high strength, tensile strength increased several times and is self-coiling for convenience.

Outer enwrap  PVC material, no odor, anti-aging, friction resistance. Effectively protect the internal cables and prevent the car frame from being scratched

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The locking pin is made of zinc alloy, and the strength is raised after heating. resist violence opening, improve safety. New resetable  combination system offer highest securty


The initial password is 00000 when lock is opened.


Setting password when opening the lock after the clockwise rotation of 90 °.


Wheel and indicator line into a row that is setting successfully.


Counterclockwise rotation 90 ° to complete the modification.

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The total length is 1.8m (6′). The lock range is enough to use. 2 bicycles can be locked at the same time, or the bicycle and the fixed pile are locked together to prevent the bicycle from being lifted away and to ensure the safety. It can also lock electric cars, mowers and so on.

Including a convenient transport bracket, suitable for the diameter of less than 30mm (1in) branch pipe





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Lock Style

Cable Lock

Lock Type

Combination Lock








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0.56Kg / 1.25 pound


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