News blog about the US election: Report: Trump party planned for 400 people in the White House

News blog about the US election: Report: Trump party planned for 400 people in the White House

News blog about the US election: Report: Trump party planned for 400 people in the White House

February shows the destruction in Idlib

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New images of the destruction from Syria: The Syrian army, with the support of Russia, is advancing towards Idlib and gets into conflict with Turkish forces. (Source: Reuters)

The air strikes continue

With a view to the Russian air strikes in northern Syria, CDU politician Norbert Röttgen said that on Tuesday "Looking away from the West" criticized. This reluctance is "a shame" and "against our own security interests", said Röttgen, who is also chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Bundestag "picture"-Newspaper. "If the crimes continue, there must be sanctions against Russia", says Röttgen.

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"The targeted bombing of civilians by the Russian Air Force is a heinous war crime"said Röttgen the "picture". "What is needed now is maximum political and economic pressure on Russia to stop bombing civilians." 

Sources used: Own researchSky News: ‘Heroic’ dad teaches little girl to laugh as bombs fall in Syria (eng.) Video on First CDU politician calls for sanctions against RussiaWith material from the dpa news agency, show more sources less sources

Last week Joe Biden won the TV duel against Donald Trump, now the deputies are discussing. It could be a foretaste of the 2024 election.

The chaotic TV duel between US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden was only a week ago. Now it goes into the next round: Early Thursday morning (3 a.m. German time) the deputies Mike and Kamala Harris compete against each other.

For both, it’s more than just about presenting their respective candidates particularly well. For Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s deputy, it is about his own political survival. He is considered a loyal supporter of Trump, who has always defended him. Should Trump fail in the election on November 3rd, the party will also blame Pence for it. A separate presidential candidacy in 2024 would then be next to impossible.

"Do not be afraid" – how Trump further belittles Corona
Photo series with 13 pictures

Speculation: will Harris run for election in 2024? 

For Kamala Harris, on the other hand, there is less at stake as a candidate for the vice presidency of Joe Biden. But the former California prosecutor is also said to have ambitions to run for elections in 2024. 77-year-old Biden is unlikely to compete in four years’ time due to his advanced age. This debate could therefore offer a foretaste of the 2024 election campaign. 

Mike Pence: For Donald Trump’s deputy, the TV duel is about his political career. (Source: Media Punch / imago images)

Last week Donald Trump emerged as the loser from the duel against Biden. So a victory is needed, the Trump-Pence team wants to increase the polls again. To do this, Pence must defend President Trump’s policies. And that is extremely complicated in this situation: The US President is sick with the coronavirus, and there is also numerous speculations about his health. Pence himself headed the White House’s coronavirus task force, which has barely been heard from since the summer. That alone could be discussed throughout the evening.

Coronavirus debates unpopular

Republicans were reluctant to debate the coronavirus because it does not shed a good light on their government. The United States is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic in the world. More than 210,000 people died and millions lost their jobs. The economy that Trump previously boasted about has been badly hit. Now the White House has also developed into a hotspot for new infections and the negotiations on a new Corona aid package have burst. That too could be discussed all evening.

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Pence is set to face a difficult debate – especially since Kamala Harris is considered aggressive. Harris became well known at the 2018 Senate hearing of Brett Kavanaugh before his appointment as Supreme Court Justice. Harris put him under pressure with tough questions, including allegations of sexual harassment. In 2019, like Biden, she applied for her party’s presidential candidacy. In TV duels before the Democratic primary elections, she also sharply attacked current candidate Joe Biden.

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‘There was a little girl in California who was part of the 2nd class to integrate her public schools & she was bused to school every day. And that little girl was me.’@KamalaHarris called out @JoeBiden for defending segregationists & his past opposition to busing #DemDebate

– NowThis (@nowthisnews) June 28, 2019" , ); }) (); News blog about the US election: Report: Trump party with 400 people planned in the White House No bargain: Commemorative coin for Trump’s ‘victory’ over corona infection "Too many people have been infected": Biden rejects second TV debate with Trump

Pence, on the other hand, is considered to be the type who doesn’t like being drawn into disputes and who can iron off attacks well. He already showed that in 2016 in the debate with Tim Kaine, the deputy of the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to many Americans, Pence emerged victorious from the duel. The Indiana politician was well prepared, appeared calm, and accomplished. He reached audiences much better than Kaine could, even if fact checkers identified many untruths.

That could be a hurdle for Harris. The problem with their campaign in the running for the democratic presidential candidacy was that the spark did not jump to the voters, as t-online correspondent Fabian Reinbold wrote. She is also seen as someone who shines especially when she can prepare – an attack that she cannot foresee could stumble her.

Sources used: Own researchNew York Times: Kamala Harris and Mike Pence Debate: What to Watch forWashington Post: What to expect from high-stakes vice presidential debateAdditional sourcesShow less sources

A Russian fighter jet has penetrated Denmark’s airspace and followed a US bomber during a NATO exercise. Danish F-16s took off in defense.

During a NATO exercise, a Russian fighter plane chased a US bomber into Danish airspace, triggering protests from the military alliance. According to NATO, it was the first incident of its kind in years, which indicates a new level of provocative behavior by Russia. Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen said Tuesday that the intrusion into Danish airspace was completely unacceptable. "This also means that we will discuss this incident with the Russian authorities as soon as possible in order to avoid repetition."

In a statement from the Allied Air Command of NATO on Monday it said: "This incident shows that Russia is disregarding international norms and the sovereign airspace of an allied nation. We remain vigilant, prepared and ready to secure NATO airspace day and night."

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The American B52 bomber participated in the exercise on Friday "Allied Sky" took part in which six of these aircraft flew over all 30 NATO member countries in one day. Above the Baltic Sea, the Air Force plane was suddenly accompanied by a Russian SU-27 plane, which followed the US plane over the Danish island of Bornholm. When the Danes sent their F-16s into the air, the Russian plane turned.

Sources used: NATO: press release from August 31, 2020, news agency dpa

Cairo decides to send military forces to Libya. Conversely, attempts to mediate are coming from Europe to keep the situation under control. But the fighting on the border threatens to escalate.

In Libya, there is a growing risk of Turkish and Egyptian forces confronting them directly. The Egyptian parliament approved a military operation in neighboring civil war Libya on Monday. In a closed session, the House of Representatives voted for "Combat operations outside Egypt to ensure national security in a western direction against criminal and armed militias as well as foreign terrorist elements" To defend. The parliament gave the mandate unanimously, as reported by state media.

Troops pushed from Ankara towards Egypt

Egypt supports General Khalifa Haftar in the civil war, which is ruling in eastern Libya and who ordered an offensive on the western capital Tripoli in April 2019. This is where the government of Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch has its seat, which is supported by the NATO countries Turkey and Qatar. As a result of Ankara’s military intervention, Libyan government troops repelled the attack and pushed Haftar’s troops back to the coastal town of Sirte in the east – and thus in the direction of Egypt.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had already told Libyan tribal leaders on Thursday that his country would not stand idly by a threat from Libya. Al-Sisi had marked a possible attack on Sirte as a red line and prepared his troops on the border for a possible operation.

The Libyan War has always developed into a proxy war. Haftar also has support from Russia and the United Arab Emirates. The parliament in eastern Libya called on Egypt for a military operation a week ago. In this case, there could be a direct confrontation between Egyptian and Turkish forces. Because Ankara has brought regular troops and Islamist Syrian militiamen to Libya to support the government in Tripoli.

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