mail order bride italy

mail order bride italy

The Unhappy Italian: An Online Personals Film

” The Lonesome Italian” is a very funny film recording the adventure of a youthful Italian male trying to find love online in America.


” The Alone Italian” is an one-of-a-kind docudrama that traces a young man’s adventure as he hunts for love in 21st Century United States. When our team consider Italian men, our team consider refined, debonair aficionados along witha never-ending multitude of willing gals at their stream as well as telephone call. Domenico Nesci is not one of those Italian men. Somewhat, he is actually an immigrant along witha quite common issue: he merely can not associate withparticipants of the contrary sexual activity. Why? Due to the fact that everywhere he goes, mail order bride italy are actually buried in their smart-phones, their tablet computers, their laptops pc, looking down as opposed to looking around, really hoping that modern technology will definitely bring all of them closer to their soulmate in this brand-new period of interconnectivity. So Domenico determines certainly not merely to sign up withthe on the web masses, yet to chronicle his trip as he signs up withevery going out withsite he can, from mainstream to edge, appointing an ever-widening net in the hopes he can easily locate the passion of his lifestyle. What he ends up along withis an amusing trip not merely of love as well as friendship, however of unexpected self-contemplation also.


The movie is in the canister, and now our company possess a sound toughreduce of the motion picture. However our company still have many more extremely essential post-production measures to finishbefore the film’s prepared to be shown to the globe and also mamma back house in Italy. And also considering that muchof the steps entail choosing professionals to adjust pricey equipment, stooped for long hours in black, pricey center areas, eachof them are expensive.

Here is an instance, simply a piece, of the kind of stop-motion animation and graphics our company’ll be making use of in various component of the film by artist Stefano


Domenico is THE UNHAPPY ITALIAN. He has been actually gotten in touchwiththroughsector experts: Distinctive, a complete jewel. He is a dynamic as well as incredibly cartoon Italian TV as well as Broadcast Host along withtremendous electricity and charisma. Domenico has a large global fan base coming from his 2 well-liked series on MTV -” That’s Amore” and “A Chance at Affection along withTila Tequila”. He hosted MTV International’s “Crispy News” where he had the benefit of speaking witha myriad of celebrities at the MTV Flick Awards.

Domenico has actually also gained wide recognition in Italy having actually starred in several smashhit series featuring “L’Isola dei famosi” (italian Star Survivor) on RAI 2, “Living In United States” on Deejay TELEVISION (2 season film collection), “Vacanze Romagne” on Deejay TELEVISION (popular culture show), “Via Massena” on Deejay TV (sketch-comedy). In addition he organized a radio program for Radio Deejay (One of Italy’s very most famous radio stations) and did work in the past few years for Australian as well as Canadian Networks. He stays in Los Angeles, has no muscular tissues and also certainly can’t surf.

Emmy-Award winning article writer currently the Co-Executive Manufacturer of “The Soup” on E! Home entertainment Television. He has been actually an Author, Supervisor as well as Artist on the regular humor series given that January of 2005. Just before that, he served as Writer/Producer on “The Wayne Brady Series” for Buena Vista Tv, for whichhe obtained an Emmy Award and also two nominations, and also Wayne Brady’s assortment program for ABC. Also, Lee developed and Executive Produced the prominent comedy series “The Stash” for Playboy Television. He has additionally provided product for several honor programs and roasts, very most just recently the 2014 White Home Correspondents Supper. He stays in Los Angeles as well as possesses a partner, 2 children, and also agency butts.


The Objective our experts are trying to reachis actually the basic minimum required our team need in order to accomplishthe film suitably. Any type of additional money our company can easily elevate in our budget plan is actually going to allow our team to accomplishThe Lonesome Italian a lot more comfortably and improve the quality of the end product. So mail order bride italy satisfy be generous and maintain contributing!!!

Threats as well as difficulties

The Unhappy Italian is actually an extremely ambitious task to mention the minimum. The bright side is actually that our team presently shot the movie, to ensure that removes a degree of fear promptly. So many man-hours have actually been embeded creating this that we can not wait to ultimately bring the last project to life for eachone of you to take pleasure in. Post development is a costly aspect of the procedure and our company have actually used many of our opportunity and sources mail order bride italy to create it to this phase. Making films is hard, particularly when you are venturing a crazy adventure like the one we took. Our company only need your support to assist our company shake off the finishline.

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