MTB Waterproof Touch Screen Bicycle Tube Bag

MTB Waterproof Touch Screen Bicycle Tube Bag

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  • It can be used as both tube bag and phone holder( only for the upgraded version)
  • Carbon fiber PU fabric makes our touch screen bicycle tube bag for sale is waterproof and anti-fouling.
  • Enough capacity for you to put daily stuffs in our mtb top tube bag.
  • Earphone hole design makes it convenient for you to pick up the phone or listen to music.
  • Sensitive touch screen for you to operate.
  • Reflective bordure can keep you safe at night.
  • 3 color optional.
  • 2-way to install: fastener and hook&loop.

High capacity ,riding without worry

Support 6.2” big screen mobile phone

B16265bag -D1

The advantages is mainly loaded with things, easy to take. INBIKE bag uses a different process and materials, increase a larger capacity, carbon fiber pattern PU has the waterproof effect; Do not worry the rain when riding. Detachable mobile phone bag can also be used alone, sensitive touch screen on it , the bottom of the package can be inserted headphone cable, data lines, charging line. Reflex ribbon around the bag can be seen when riding at night. 2 methods to install :hook&loop and buckle, can be unlocked when press the button at both sides, safe and secure. Varied colors are available. 


Waterproof fabric, riding without block at rainy day

Carbon fiber PU fabric, comfortable touch feeling, high quality, beautiful and water-resistance and anti-fouling. No worry when it is rainy and snowy.

B16265bag -D10


B16265bag -D11

Application:4-6.2 mobile phones

middle size support 4-5.8” mobile phones

B16265bag -D12

large size support 6.0-6.2” mobile phones

B16265bag -D13

Detachable mobile phone package, dual-use

Mobile phone package can be use alone

B16265bag -D14

classic hook&loop

quick release, bonding easily.

B16265bag -D15

upgrade buckle

Mobile phone package with buckle, can be installed on the handlebar alone.

B16265bag -D16

Detachable mobile phone be used alone.

TPU HD touchscreen, fluent touching, the bottom of the package can be inserted headphone cable, data lines, charging line with hole design. Enjoy the music and charging at any moment.

B16265bag -D17
B16265bag -D18

More immobile with 3 bandages, easy to install and disassemble. Adopt anti-skidding wear-resistant material, prevent skidding on the tube. Carbon fiber at both sides, smooth and comfortable.

B16265bag -D19

Reflex ribbons

Reflex ribbon around the bag can be seen when riding at night. Ensure the safety of rider.

B16265bag -D20


Carbon fiber PU material, smooth and comfortable, waterproof and anti-fouling.

B16265bag -D21

Inner mesh bag in mobile phone package, can store many tiny things

B16265bag -D22

Thicker protection Seismic sponge pad, effective anti-seismic, hook&loop opening easy and solid.

B16265bag -D23

Double zipper with logo, guarantees authentic.

B16265bag -D24

Installation method

Fix the Velcro in front of the bag in the bike handlebar

B16265bag -D25

Then paste the Velcro firmly

B16265bag -D26

 Velcro below the bag is also tightened fixed on the beam

B16265bag -D27

Check if the installation is fixed and complete

B16265bag -D28

Model Number



About 300g



, , , , ,


carbon fiber PU

Cell phone size


Suitable for riding

long or short

handing modes

hook&loop, snap joint

package size

40cm x 30cm x 20cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 7.87in)

package weight

0.35kg (0.77lb.)


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