Long Anti Theft Cable Bike Lock Wholesale

Long Anti Theft Cable Bike Lock Wholesale

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  • Bold and long lock body, which is anti smashing, and it is long enough to lock whole bike.
  • Dust proof and waterproof cover to extend its service life.
  • Convenient: You can lock it without key, and easy to install and release.
  • PVC cover can prevent bike being scratching.
  • This cable bike lock is equipped with 3 key, one of which has an LED light.
  • 2-color optional.
CB105- (2)

INBIKE CB105 bicycle cable lock  diameter 12 mm(0.47 in),Total Length 1.8 m(6 ft),Weight about 455g, The cable is made of hardened steel wire and has a certain resistance to cutting resistance

The outer layer of the cable wraps PVC material to protect the bicycle frame paint.Including 3 copper keys .Built-in LED light  in the key.

The lock core is processed by CNC,which can effectively prevent the technology from opening and improve the safety factor.

A sliding dust cover prevents dust, rainwater, sediment from entering the lock internals, Includes a mounting bracket that is easy to carry

CB105- (4)

Internal steel wire diameter 4.5 mm rolled into a  thick cable,braided steel to offer good cut resistance and is self-coiling for convenience.The outer layer of PVC coating, surface grinding treatment more high-grade texture, comfortable touch in the hands . Effectively protect bicycle frame painting

CB105- (5)

 Keyless lock, just press to lock, very convenient.

The lock covers the ABS shell, protects the lock core against the impact, and the surface is abrazine. The handle is comfortable

CB105-dust cover

The sliding dust cover prevents dirt and dust fro m entering the lock core, protects the lock core from rmal use and prolongs the service life

CB105lock core105

The inner core parts of the lock adopt CNC Machining Technology.Can reduce the risk of opening the lock each other, Anti-universal key and anti-technique opening.


Including 3 copper keys, one with LED light, easy to use at night.The key is made of CNC precision machining, and the thinnest place is only 1.22mm, which is more difficult to duplicate.

CB105- (6)

The total length is 1.8m (6′). The lock range is enough to use. 2 bicycles can be locked at the same time, or the bicycle and the fixed pile are locked together to prevent the bicycle from being lifted away and to ensure the safety. It can also lock electric cars, mowers and so on




Lock Style

Cable Lock

Lock Type

key lock






12mm x 1800mm/0.47in x 6ft


3keys(1 with an LED light)

Net Weight

0.455Kg/ 1 pound

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