INBIKE USB Rechargeable High Lumen Mountain Bike Light

INBIKE USB Rechargeable High Lumen Mountain Bike Light

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  • This kind bright mountain bike headlight has two types, CX300 and CX600. The irradiation distance of former one is 200m. The latter one has a longer irradiation distance. Moreover, each type has 5 light modes for you to choose.
  • You can charge it with USB, in addition, it is durable, so you can use it for a longer time.
  • Shockproof and IPX-6 waterproof design ensure you can enjoy riding in any weather and road condition.
  • Anti-dazzling design will not harm eyes.
  • Acrylic lens can transmit the light furthest to 96%, and the light is clear, soft and well-distributed.
  • Temperature controlling system can protect circuit if the temperature is abnormal.
  • The side warning hole makes the riding is safer.
  • You can have a wider view thanks to the 85 degrees flood beam.
  • It is 360 degrees horizontal rotatable, so it is convenient for you to use.
  • This portable waterproof bicycle headlight can also be used as flashlight.


CX series of lights is a professional bike headlights. There are two choices of 300 lumens and 600 lumens. The shell is made of aluminum alloy, acrylic lens transmittance of 96%, clear and soft light distribution, it has four kinds of lighting mode and blasting mode, 85°flood beam, the maximum lumen of 600 lumens, and irradiation distance of 200 meters or more. USB charging mode, it has been equipped with overcharge technology, constant current technology and intelligent temperature control technology. IPX-6 waterproof. Adopt the integrates far and near functions, realize uniform floodlight, no blind area, anti-dazzle, long range lighting effect. Suitable for urban road cycling, mountain and forest road cycling.

                                   Light size:101*30*26mm     Weight:135g


Inner structure


A simple key operation

Switch on/off: long press the body switch for 0.5 seconds

With remembering gear function (when starting up, it will default restore the shutdown gear)
Switch gears: short press the switch button

Burst flashing: long press the switch button for 2 seconds to enter the burst flashing mode and click back to the original gear.


Integrates far and near functions

Floodlight angle 85 degree, provides a broader horizon ,Irradiation distance: larger than 200mm


Anti glare optic design

Upward light will irradiate toward ground through refraction. Avoid disturbing pedestrians.
To achieve uniform floodlight, no blind spots, anti-glare, long range of lighting effects, suitable for riding at urban road , mountain and forest road




Intelligent temperature control

emperature control downshift: When the temperature reaches 65 degrees, it automatically fall to the middle bright gear. When the temperature dropped to 55 degrees, it jumps back to the original gear.
When the internal components reach the high temperature of 85℃, the circuit protection will automatically shutdown.

Circuit protection

Constant current circuit / Overcharge protection / High temperature protection / Over discharge protection / Short-circuit protection


 USB Rechargeable

Built in 2500 Ma lithium battery, charging time is about 3.5 hours
Uncover the Micro plug at the bottom of themachine and plug in the Micro to connect the charging device(5V/1A)USB charging: (Only lowgear of 150LM work is supported when charging.)
Charging status: when charging, red indicator flashing, when it is full of electricity, the blue indicator light is always on.


Technical parameters


IPX-6 Wateryproof

The surface  uses aluminum alloy material, the key and the charging port using silicone waterproof ring avoid the rainstorm splashing

*Make sure the USB plug is closed when it rains

Double side light warning: increase the night warning and improve the riding safety at night


Free to assembly

360°rotatable light mount for a better cycling experience.
Build-in non-slip pad.Suitable for handle diameter 1<Φ<4cm.Free to disassembly
Using acrylic lens, light transmittance was 96%, and the clear light uniform distribution, soft light and beautiful



Light ,wrap ties and USB cable


① CX-300/CX600

②Insulband mount

③ USB Charging cable

Installation steps details







Item type


300Lm, 600Lm

Max Range

About 150°Light Angle



Net weight(g)

About 135g

Power Remind


Charge Time(h)

About 3.5 hours(Li-on battery capacities 2500mA)

Power Plug Type


Mounting Bracket

Before the bicycle handle

Light Modes

Hight Light(600Lm), Meddium Light(300Lm), Low Light(150Lm),Strobe(600Lm) and SOS(600Lm)

Running Time

Modes:Hight Light 1.5 hours, Meddium Light 2.4 hours Low Light 5 hours, Strobe 9 hours and S0S 9 hours


Bicyclelight,Insulband mount and USB cable


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