Inbike Large Screen Waterproof Bike Computer for Sale

Inbike Large Screen Waterproof Bike Computer for Sale

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  • We can offer you the wireless cycle computer and wired bicycle computer.
  • Inbike water-resistant bike computer for sale can reach IPX-6 standard.
  • Smart chip ensures its performance, and the data will not lose when power is out.
  • 2.8 inches large FSTN screen makes you can read well.
  • It can store the data of 2 bikes.
  • Backlight function makes our bike odometer for sale does not reflect daylight, and the screen is clear at night.
  • 2032 button battery. It uses less power, so it is durable.
  • Automatic standby and auto wake-up function make our cycle computer easy to operate.
  • Suitable for 25-31.5mm handlebar.

2.8 large screen computer

CX-9 bike computer with 2.8” display, see more clearly, reading more conveniently. Using smart chips, stable performance, data is not lost without power. IPX6 level waterproof, it is not affected when raining, riding without worry. Taking into account the daylight backlight can not see, so add a backlight function, can see clearly at daylight, it can also improve the brightness at night.  M key can be free to switch 3 different interface, grasp the riding dynamic. Automatic standby saving power, can also automatically wake up when used. A 2032 battery, low power consumption, continue for a long time. There are extended bracket can be chose, simple and convenient.

CX-9 Details page1
CX-9 1

Smart chip

CX-9 2


CX-9 3

Backlight function

CX-9 4

Large Screen

CX-9 5

Continue for a long time

CX-9 6

Switching conveniently


CX-9 Details page 2

Smart chip, reliable performance

Data is not lost without power,reading more conveniently.

CX-9 Details page 3-

Rainstorm-proof, riding without block

IPX 6 waterproof, not affected when raining.

CX-9 Details page 4

Backlight function

Display backlight function,  clear at whole day.

CX-9 Details page 5

Long light:press two keys together to open or close the backlight.

Short: Press any key to turn on for 4 seconds.

Mufti-function, simple operation

Press the M key to switch between the three interfaces, kinds of functions,  to grasp the riding dynamics at any time.

CX-9 Details page 6

Two group data, coexistence function

Can be used for two bicycles,press M key for 6 seconds to switch.

CX-9 Details page 7

Product configuration


2.wired sonde base*1


4.Nylon ties*6

5.use manual*1

6.shockproof foam pad*2

7.2032 button battery*1

CX-9 Details page 8-


2.wireless base*1

3.wireless sonde*1


5.Nylon ties*6

6.use manual*1

7.shockproof foam pad*2

8.2032 button battery*1

CX-9 Details page9

wired with extension bracket (installed battery)*1

2.wired extension bracket*1


4.Nylon ties*6

5.use manual*1

6.shockproof foam pad*2

CX-9 Details page10

wireless with extension bracket battery)*1

2.wireless extension bracket*1

3.wireless sonde*1

4.magnet *1

5.Nylon ties*6

6.use manual*1

7.shockproof foam pad*2

CX-9 Details page11

Head and sensor installation

Two models of the sensor are different, Pay attention to:


The magnet is fixed by screw and the distance between the head and the sensor is 1.5-5 mm. The head is aligned with the upper and lower ends of the sensor.

CX-9 Details page12


1.The distance between the wireless transmitter and the meter is recommended to keep within 60cm, the header can normally receive the transmitter signal and work.

2.The distance between the head and the transmitter should be within 3mm, it can work.

3.The position of the emitter arrow corresponds to the magnet position

CX-9 Details page13

Extension shelf installation method

1.Install the extension bracket

Break the buckle of the bracket apart directly, put it onto handlebar tube, and then tie it and push to the middle, adjust the angle, tighten the screw (if the handlebar tube is thin, please pad long rubber gasket)


2.Snap into the computer

Put the computer into the extension bracket , be sure to force and pile into the right place, will hear the sound when it is right.(this process will effect the display of computer, if not right, nothing can be shown.)


Wired computer installation


1.First fixed the base in the handlebar


2.Install the computer into slot.


3.winding the wire cable along the brake line


4.Fix the head on the spokes


5.The sensor Installed on the front fork (the distance between the head and the sensor does not exceed 3mm)


6.Use after installation is complete.

Wireless computer installation


1.First fixed the base on the handlebar.


2.Install computer into the slot


3.Fixed the head on the spoke, do not turn too tight for easy to adjust.


4.fastening Sensor with a cable.


5.Adjust the distance between the head and the sensor(3mm). When the distance is too wide, to adjust the head position, tighten.


6.Use after installation is complete.

Base disassemble instructions

Remove the screws from the base of computer, can be installed horizontally or vertically when changing the direction.


It is very strong when the computer is installed into the slot.


Vertical handle


Model Number


Screen size


Stopwatch and Accessories

Waterproof Stopwatch



Power Supply

2030 Battery

Backlight Color


Item type




Installation Location





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