Inbike High Pressure Portable Bicycle Pump

Inbike High Pressure Portable Bicycle Pump

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  • This mini bicycle pump excellent sealing performance thanks to the anti scratch rubber sealing system.
  • Detachable pressure gage can help you monitor the pressure when you pump the bicycle tire.
  • Aluminum alloy body ensures this portable high pressure bicycle pump is light and solid, and its service life is also longer.
  • Inbike mini bike pump is equipped with Schrader valve and presta valve, so you can switch basing on your need.
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy for you to pump.
  • You can pump tire or shock absorber with it.
  • It is suitable for mountain bike, road bike and folding bike.

INBIKE IQ810  Bicycle inflatable pump, with compact, rugged, multi-purpose, suitable for outdoor design concept development. Has two uses: can give the tire and shock absorber inflatable

Removable Piezometer & Bleed Air Valve Button: the piezometer can show the pressure exactly, it is removable; the mini bike pump is also designed with bleed air valve button, 2-3 PSI can be released by each pressing when the air pressure is too much.

The aluminum alloy tube is machined with CNC precision to ensure the durability of the structure and reduce the weight. Threaded air – mouth links are used to enhance air tightness.

Transform pump mouth of Schrader valve and presta valve applicable to a variety of mountain bikes, road bike. Includes a mounting bracket to carry transport during the ride 

IQ810- (2)

Equipped with a precise Piezometer, intuitive display tire air pressure, to avoid tire pressure too much. In the absence of the time can be removed from the barometer, easy to carry at the same time to protect the barometer rubber cap to ensure that the barometer interface is not blocked


Aluminum alloy tube body is durable, not easy to leak. Pressure relief valve can be too much pressure in the case of release low air pressure, to ensure tire pressure safety. After the pressure gauge can be sealed with sealed rubber cap surface, blocking the dust into the pump to ensure that the mouth and barometer normal work


Pneumatic handle compatible with the Schrader valve and presta valve, suit the road bike mountain bike, screw-type air mouth connection, to enhance air tightness is not easy to leak


You can inflate the bike shock absorber

IQ810- (6)

Bleed Air Valve Button

IQ810- (1)

Rubber dust cover

Blocking the dust into the valve to ensure that the table barometer normal work

Install Demonstration


Small size, easy to carry

Length of only 31 cm, weighs about 289g, and is equipped with a fixed mounting bracket, can be installed in the bicycle frame, easy to go out when riding, do not increase the riding burden





Mini Pump



Maximum Pressure




Total length




Best use

Mountain Bike & Amortiguadores


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