INBIKE High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump with Gauge

INBIKE High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump with Gauge

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  • Inbike high pressure bike floor pump is equipped with Presta and Schrader valves, which can be easily switched.
  • Anti slip design. Large and wide base makes our bicycle floor pump for sale is skid-proof.
  • High intensity iron material ensures a longer service life.
  • High pressure. It can reach 160 PSI, and gauge can help you read correctly and protect inner tires.
  • Rubber hose is durable, heat resistant and anti freeze.
  • Suitable handle design accords with ergonomics. Easier for you to pump.
  • Application: basketball, balloon, mountain bike, folding bike, snowmobile, etc.

INBIKE Floor-type high pressure pump, cylinder body with one molding technology, higher strength, more air tightness, wear-resisting and durable.

External pressure gauge, intuitive display of tire pressure value. TPU material hose can be used normally in -30℃-50℃ temperature. It’s pressure-resistant and antifreeze

85cm extended hose can reduce the pressure of the valve. Compatible with the Presta and Schrader valves, do not need to transform. Complimentary needle adapter, toy inflatable needle.

Ergonomic design T-handle, non-slip design base, inflatable can provide sufficient stability.

Height 64cm, diameter 32mm. The maximum pressure 160PSI, it’s suitable for road bike, mountain bike and motorcycle and so on

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External large pressure gauge dial, can display two kinds of barometric units: PSI and BAR. Dial is large enough to accurately show the tire pressure value, to ensure that tire pressure in the safe range.

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Seamless metal barrel, one molding process, and the use of thicker barrel wall design, improve the strength, not easy to deformation, wear-resisting, to prevent leakage

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T-type handle

Ergonomic design, curve fit the palm of your hand cover the angle of the object, the surface anti-skid design, to ensure that the inflatable feel comfortable

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Durable and antifreeze rubber hose

Gas hose with TPU material, flexible, Resistance to fold, will not crack in -30 ℃ -50 ℃ extreme environment can still be used normally.

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Compatible with the Presta &Schrader valves, do not need to transform and use of more convenient, suitable for road bike, mountain bike, folding bike, fixed cog and so on.

Complimentary needle adapter and plastic valve adapter for topping up ball and other inflatable items

S16318-1- (6)

Increase the base, using one molding process. To ensure that the base is durable, non-slip surface design, and inflatable more steadiness

S16318-1- (9)

The 45CM length barrel has enough air to be pushed through with each pump making it easier and faster to pump pressure up to 160 PSI. Cylindrical design 2 locks for easy storage





Floor Pump





Maximum Pressure



Presta / Schrader







Best use

Bicycle,Basketball,Inflatable toys


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