INBIKE 8 Joints Alloy Steel Folding Bike Lock

INBIKE 8 Joints Alloy Steel Folding Bike Lock

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  • This alloy steel folding bike lock has a anti-theft effect. Because it is anti-24T hydraulic clamp, anti-sawing, anti-drilling and anti-rust.
  • This joint bike lock is foldable, so it can be carried around easily. Moreover, the folding design greatly enlarges the lock space, which increases the security.
  • Inbike foldable bicycle lock covers with ABS material, which will not scratch the bicycle.
  • Double-sided serpentine pure copper key can avoid technical opening method.
  • C-class cylinder makes it hard for the thieves to open the lock.

INBIKE folding lock, Whole body were stainless steel material and were  heated treatment to obtain higher hardness, Anti the hydraulic shear, hacksaw, hammer and other violent damage

Variety of Pure copper Blade cylinder, improve the security level, prevent the technique open.

Sided milling technology of the keys, hard to copied, Effectively reduce the mutual open rate

Folding design, locking range : 210*210mm. Compact and convenient storage,can be installed in the bike mount or putted in bike bags.Suitable for lock the bike/ebike/motorbike and so on

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Anti-saw, anti-drilling technology

Using 8 high-strength gold and steel materials produced by heat treatment process, with the function of  Anti the hydraulic shear, hacksaw, hammer and other violent damage

Size: When folded: 65*30*130 mm  Joint: 100*33*6

Weight: 700 g Locking range :200 mm Easy to lock 2 bikes once, also work with e-bike/motorbikes.

D908- (3)

High strength rivets

High-strength alloy just rivet design, after high-density CNC lathe processing, rivets and shafts and the use of two parts, and then through the rotary riveting machine repression。So that rivets less than 0.2mm gap, more Tamper

The use of stainless steel self-closing dust cover to prevent electric drill  violence open, effectively prevent rain, sediment, dust into the lock cylinder caused by congestion,

Resulting in rusty lock is not smooth.

D908- (5)

Surface painting process & unilateral unlocking

Lock surface using ABS plastic spray rubber paint process, feel soft and comfortable, the lock surface will not damaged because of long-term use。

Unilateral unlock, unilateral locking,  the gap between the joints are small, there is a certain resistance, will not injured body because of gravity drop

D908- (6)

Antitheft  Security

Using double-sided serpentine pure copper key, spoon tip thickness of about 0.69mm, hard for coping

The cylinder is made of double-sided milling,made by precision machining machine 36 times,
Tooth flower change rate is high, effectively reduce the opening rate and the opening rate, anti-universal key anti-technology to open

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Size show

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 Easy install

The appearance of the lock will be practical aesthetic principle implanted lock appearance curve design, smooth and compact, lock in the lock frame plug smooth

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