Aluminum Alloy Mini Bike Pump with Light

Aluminum Alloy Mini Bike Pump with Light

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  • Aluminum alloy material. So this mini bike pump is heat-resistant, and it has a longer service life.
  • High pressure for emergency use.
  • Mini size. So it is portable.
  • Humanized-design handle. Comfortable to use.
  • Light in the portable air pump for bike can be used for outdoor lighting.
  • Lock lever to keep the air when pumping.
  • Easy to fix.
  • Humanized band for you to carry it around.

Mini outdoor pump, cylinder and core are made of aluminum alloy material, not easy to deformation and durable.

Innovative design of an emergency light at the rear of the cylinder! The lamp has two modes: light and flashing. Easy to use in the night under the inflatable, you can also use the tail lights when riding.

Transform gas nozzle with Schrader valve and presta valve. The pump maximum air pressure of 120PSI, and suitable for mountain bike and road bike. Small size, length only 15cm(5.9in), weight 124g(0.27lb), easy to carry.


Cylinder emergency lamp design

An emergency light design is added at the rear of the cylinder, which is powered by a 2032 battery. There are two modes of light fixture: always bright and flashing. It can be used at night when it is inflated, and it can be improved warning to ensure safety


Aluminum alloy cylinders, strong wear resistance

Cylinder and core are made of high quality aluminum alloy, inside and outside through CNC machining, structural precision, higher strength, good heat resistance, light weight, long-term use, the surface of the anodizing process, solid color is not easy to fade

IQ311-3 (1)
IQ311-3 (2)

Mini pump is compatible with Presta and Schrader

High-strength lock wrench   Inflated when the gas nozzle on the valve core press the wrench to 90 °, and it can stabilize gas nozzle, to prevent the gas nozzle falling when inflate, pump up more smoothly.

IQ311-3 (7)

The highest pressure reaches 120 psi, which can be used to inflate road cars, mountain bikes and folding locks.

Light weight, only 15cm in length, with a weight of only 124g, the cylinder includes support and bandage, which can be installed in many bicycle positions, such as bicycle handle, bicycle tripod, bicycle seat tube and so on. Also can receive in bicycle bag, convenient to go out carry, do not increase the riding burden.

Inflate  Install Demonstration

To pump up when the nozzle was pushed to the top of the tire, it is helpful, the light in the rear side, 
can be used when emergency




Mini pump



Maximum Pressure



Presta / Schrader





Power supply



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