Otherwise there should be new elections

Otherwise there should be new elections

Otherwise there should be new elections

The trailer already reveals that it is again Doctor Doom, one of the oldest and worst opponents of the Fantastic Four.

On Tuesday afternoon it will be decided how things will continue in Italy: will there be new elections or are the populist 5 stars looking for a new coalition partner? The clues condense.

In the Italian government crisis, there are increasing signs of a change in the coalition partner of the 5-star movement. They had good talks with the opposition social democratic party PD, it was said in circles of the populist 5 stars, which is currently forming the governing coalition with the right-wing extremist Lega.

Officially, the movement does not want to speak before the eagerly awaited speech by the non-party Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the Senate on Tuesday. After Lega boss and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini declared the coalition with the 5 stars unable to work and sought early parliamentary elections, Conte played a decisive role in the further course of the government crisis.

Everyone looks at Giuseppe Conte

He could resign on Tuesday or wait to be overthrown on a motion of censure. Should Conte resign, President Sergio Mattarella would have to decide whether to dissolve parliament and order a new election or to give the task of looking for a new majority and government. Then the moment would have come for the 5 stars to change coalition partners and form a new government with the PD. 

Setback for Salvini: no vote of no confidence against ConteItaly: Salvini lets the coalition burst – and wants to power Comment: Salvini’s tactics – Avanti Dilettanti!

PD leader Nicola Zingaretti said his party was striving for a “strong government” with the mandate to reform Italy. Otherwise there should be new elections. His party rejects an interim government.

Sources used: Reuters news agency

The government of populists and right-wing extremists is at the end, Italy’s political future is uncertain. The outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte found clear words in the Senate on Tuesday.

Finally he has the floor. Giuseppe Conte is in the Senate of Rome. On the one hand, the head of the right-wing extremist Lega, Matteo Salvini, like a silly whipping boy. Exceptionally. On the other hand, Luigi Di Maio, head of the Five Star Movement, kept smiling with satisfaction, his eyes fixed on the sky. After all, the Prime Minister has just compressed his worst enemy and blamed him with razor-sharp sentences for the end of the “government of change”.

The alliance of Lega and stars has come to an end after almost 15 months of constant excitement. What was supposed to be a one-off experiment between two parties united only in populism and in their criticism of Europe has failed. With uncertain consequences.

Conte accuses Salvini of striving for power

Before the non-party attorney Conte announced his resignation on Tuesday, he kept repeating: “Caro Matteo”, “Dear Matteo”. What Conte is now saying is nice, but not. He accuses Salvini of striving for power out of pure self-interest, political opportunism and irresponsibility. Salvini terminated the coalition two weeks ago and wants a new election – in order to get “full powers”, all power. He has long since explained that.

The Lega had “tarnished 14 months of intensive government activities just to stir the media advertising drum,” complains Conte. Cheers, applause and boos in the angry Senate. “Stop it, stop it,” Senate President Elisabetta Casellati shouts again and again, “we are facing a government crisis, don’t you get it.”

Italy should declare Salvini the savior of the nation

Contes address is the reckoning with a politician who has played himself more and more in the foreground in Italy, almost drunk by the good poll numbers. Who travels through the country as if in a frenzy to draw people with cocktail glasses in hand on beaches, in squares and at countless election campaign events.research paper topics argumentative Who is now about to counterattack and says he would do everything the same way again. Who for the thousandth time blasphemed “Merkel and Macron”, who were “totally sore” about the EU rules. Who is “sorry” that “every step we take depends on the signature of some EU official”. And who calls the poor Italians to vote to elect him as the savior of the nation.

If it were up to Salvini, that would be the case as early as October. But Italy’s government crises are notoriously complicated. And this one is particularly complicated. The newspaper “Corriere della Sera” spoke of the “craziest government crisis in the world”. Analysts like those at the major bank Barclays describe the current crisis as “one of the most unpredictable” in modern Italian history. The political analyst Wolfango Piccoli sees an “absurd political theater”. Because all parties are playing a tactical game.

Renzi thirsts for revenge

“Today, after 14 months, one of the worst experiences in the history of the republic has come to an end,” said former head of government Matteo Renzi from the social democratic Partito Democratico (PD). “All of Europe now knows that the populists work in the election campaign, but fail in a government.” Renzi is thirsty for revenge after his party was humiliatingly voted out last year. Because the Social Democrats could still disembark Salvini together with the five stars and condemn them to the opposition.

Namely, if both parties were to form an alliance. Actually they are crazy enemies – but they would both benefit: the elections would be delayed. In polls, both are far behind. But observers have already warned of a “coalition of losers” that goes against the prevailing mood in the country.

Controversial issue of sea rescue

Even if the summer political crisis is already surreal. There is actually nothing to laugh about. There are two main issues that should worry Europe, and therefore Germany too.

On the one hand, there is the dispute over immigration. While power-hungry men dismantle each other in Rome, desperate migrants jump from the Spanish rescue ship “Open Arms” off the island of Lampedusa. As one of many rescue ships, it has been blocked at sea for weeks. It is obvious that Salvini is campaigning with the NGOs. He wants to prove that he won’t let a single migrant ashore from an NGO ship. So he is gathering more and more followers.

Salvini stands across

The last attempt to find a temporary solution for the distribution of boat refugees failed because of Italy. Germany and France in particular had campaigned for this. Several countries have also agreed to accept migrants from ships – but Salvini categorically refuses to allow the ships to dock in Italy first.

Is it going on with or without him? And if so, how? A top EU meeting on migration is to take place in Malta at the beginning of September. A temporary agreement on the distribution of the rescued migrants could possibly be reached more easily with an alliance of PD and five stars. But that is not certain.

Italy has enough problems

When it comes to the second issue, there is also a fire in every corner: Italy is more indebted than almost any other country in the world. The third largest economy in the euro zone is not getting on its feet economically. Well-educated people are leaving, no more children are born, and the south is lagging behind.

Although the country is sitting on a huge mountain of debt, the populist government has pushed through expensive election promises like lowering the retirement age and a citizen’s income. Salvini also insists on tax breaks – for which he will spend a lot of money, he promises in the Senate.

Italy’s government at the end: Conte attacks Salvini and resigns Comment: Salvini’s tactics – Avanti dilettanti! Crisis in Italy: Has Salvini gambled away? It could go on like this

The budget law must be passed by the end of the year. But who will get the 2020 budget through? Who gets the hot coals out of the fire? For President Sergio Mattarella, this question will be a priority when consultations begin these days on how to proceed in the crisis. Once again, all hopes weigh on the level-headed, quiet man on Quirinals Hill that he will fix it and get Italy out of the mess.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Employees of a Munich monastery reported their colleagues missing. Hours later, they were certain. The 62-year-old drowned in a nearby stream.

A drunken monastery worker fell into a stream in Munich and drowned. The 62-year-old was discovered dead at a weir, as the police announced on Friday.

The man had previously tried to dispose of something in a garbage container near the Auer Mühlbach in the Giesing district. Colleagues had seen the drunk on Thursday and later reported the police as missing.

After capsized boats: Isar in Munich partly free for boats. Cracked and kissed: Woman puts Munich one and a half years after Regio-Nachrichten: All the latest news from all cities

Because the officers spotted the 62-year-old swaying next to the Isar branch on surveillance recordings, they alerted the fire brigade. The bank area was searched together with a police helicopter. The dead man’s colleagues were looked after by the crisis intervention team.

Sources used: dpa police news agency Munich: press release from July 17th

Greens and leftists want that fare dodging is no longer a criminal offense – but at most an administrative offense. In the Bundestag, however, it is difficult for them to advance. 

For the time being, fare dodgers on buses and trains will probably continue to be prosecuted as offenders. In the Bundestag, there was no majority in favor of the demand by the left and the Greens that driving without a ticket should no longer be treated as a criminal offense, but at most as an administrative offense. 

The CDU MP Ingmar Jung said that fare dodging was “to a large extent not showing solidarity and therefore worthy of condemnation”. Niema Movassat from the Left, on the other hand, criticized that, unlike fare dodging, wrong parking is only punished as an administrative offense, although both cases are based on roughly “the same injustice”.

The German Association of Judges also called for review

The debate on the impunity of fare dodgers is not new. The German Association of Judges, for example, had already advocated checking the illegal driving as an offense in the penal code. The Association of German Transport Companies, however, spoke out clearly against such plans.

Proponents of impunity also point out that dodgers are currently going to jail if they are unable to pay a fine imposed on them. According to left-wing politicians Movassat, around 5,000 people across the country are imprisoned for sneaking promotions. That is “insane” – given the detention costs of 130 euros per day and person.

Bills are now being discussed in the committees

CDU politician Jung, on the other hand, emphasized that criminal justice law should not be made according to the cash situation. His SPD colleague Karl-Heinz Brunner was basically open to the opposition’s proposals, but warned against a “quick shot”. The two bills are now going to the relevant parliamentary committees for further discussion.

Sources used: dpa

Marvel’s The Avengers are coming to Berlin: The major US production “Captain America: Civil War” is currently being shot in the capital. There is a large number of stars in front of the camera for the superhero film, because the third movie about the title hero portrayed by Chris Evans unites almost all characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In addition to veteran actors like Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. or Jeremy Renner, Daniel Brühl will make his debut in a Marvel film. The German will play the villain Baron Zemo. Avengers fans will miss “Nick Fury” Samuel L. Jackson and “Thor” Chris Hemsworth, neither of whom are part of the illustrious cast.

The Sony Center becomes a UN building

Like both “Image” and “B.Z.” report, a large set was already set up over the weekend. In this, the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz is transformed into a UN building for the action film.

Leipzig will also be the scene

According to dpa information, filming will then also take place in Leipzig. The production receives 350,000 euros from the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung. In Germany, Studio Babelsberg in Potsdam is the executive production company for the US film studio Marvel. The FilmFernsehFonds Bayern grants 450,000 euros for digital effects. But there is no filming in Bavaria.

Shooting started in Atlanta, USA. In addition, it is filmed in Germany, Puerto Rico and Iceland. The third “Captain America” ​​film is due to open in theaters in May 2016. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, who have already directed “Cap” s second solo film “The Return of the First Avenger” (2014).

What is the “Avengers” about ?: The Secret of the Infinity Stones “Avengers: Age of Ultron”: Superhero spectacle of epic proportions From “Dark Knight” to “Avengers”: Choose the best superhero film First trailer: Video

The superheroes compete against each other

In “Civil War” there will be an argument between the superheroes. As a result, Captain America on the one hand and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) on the other will gather their followers. But if the heroes fight each other, who will protect the earth ..?

Curtain up on Marvel’s craziest superhero: here comes Deadpool! Politically incorrect, violent and completely insane, the mercenary shoots his way through his first trailer with the big mouth. Have lots of fun with it!

After “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (2009), Ryan Reynolds slips into the role of Wade Wilson alias Deadpool for the second time. However, his first appearance was not well received by the fans. The figure looked too good and conventional. That should now change under the direction of Tim Miller, who is making his feature film debut.


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